Lineage: Mentorship and Lineage at the American Museum of Ceramic Arts

I had the honour of being invited to submit to AMOCA's current show as the "lineage" of my awesome instructor Monica Van Den Dool along with my peers Crystal Morey and Elizabeth Torrance. The opening was a blast and the show is teeming with Bay Area clay legends and their exciting new students. The show runs until June 19 and is not to miss! 

"Lineage: Mentorship & Learning highlights the impact and importance of the teacher/student relationship. This exhibition illustrates the thread connecting multiple generations of ceramic artists from Peter Voulkos to today’s students.

For decades there has been an impressive variety and strength in California’s colleges and universities ceramic programs. AMOCA invited 25 current educators from the state to participate in Lineage. In addition to inviting the educators to exhibit their own work in the show, we asked them to identify their most influential instructors or mentors and to nominate their most promising students or recent alumni. A panel then reviewed the nominations and selected the artists to include in the exhibition. The artwork in Lineage ranges from functional to sculptural with the artists exploring a wide range of forms, techniques and narratives."

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